Matt Nachtrab - Founder

Matt Nachtrab is the Chief Strategy Officer at eFolder and is responsible for assisting the CEO with development and execution of the corporate strategic-planning process.

Matt has 18 years of experience in the IT Service Provider industry.  In 1999, he started Nemsys, an IT Service Provider in Toledo, OH.   Matt holds his ownership in Nemsys and serves on the board.  He is passionate about helping IT Service Providers improve and grow their business.  In 2007, he founded LabTech Software, a Remote Monitoring and Management solution, and grew the business to service over 5000 IT Service Providers worldwide.

In 2015, Matt successfully merged LabTech Software with ConnectWise and served as the President and COO of ConnectWise.   As the President and COO, Matt managed approximately 650 employees in Sales, Marketing, Services, Strategy, and Operations.  He currently serves as a Director on the board for ConnectWise.

He received an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Indiana University Kelly School of Business.  Matt received a Bachelor of Engineering with honors majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Vanderbilt University.