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Information Technology for On-Premises/Building Surveillance

As surveillance systems transition from conventional closed-circuit setups to computer and network-oriented platforms, they are becoming more closely aligned with IT. With Connect View, we offer a network-centric video security system that can be accessed from any device. Our platform is flexible and can be adapted to legacy systems for a more cost-effective approach.

The Nemsys Connect View Advantage – Video Security

  • CONNECT View delivers a scalable and user-friendly security camera solution tailored to businesses of any scale.
  • Experience deep learning object detection, bandwidth optimization, and intrusion alerts, through an AI-powered control hub with CONNECT View.
  • Installation with CONNECT View is effortless! Our expert team of security camera installers, certified and licensed electricians, and cable technicians stand ready to meet your surveillance needs.
  • Connect View also integrates with our Connect Access service.
  • Connect View object and motion search operates at amazing speed to help you find the event you need.
  • Connect View can export in many footage formats for legal and law enforcement purposes.

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